No April Fools Joke, That Stick Doesn’t Lie

On Monday April 1st 2013

I had a feeling but wasn’t certain. I knew I was about four days late and could probably give it a few more days before buying a pregnancy test, however I had a work issue that could not be avoided.

I work as a dental assistant doing multiple procedures during the day from simple child cleanings to complicated surgical procedures. Some of the patients who visit our office are so nervous that they like to use Nitrous Oxide during their appointments. And some of those patients we prefer they use it. So the issue comes in with the Nitrous… it is highly recommended in fact demanded that anyone who is pregnant, patient or Assistant not be in the same room as the N2O being administered.  During the first trimester, weeks 4 – 13 and perhaps even for the entire pregnancy, there is a high risk of miscarriage.

I knew I had someone on the schedule that would conflict with me thinking I might be pregnant and I wanted to be able to say definitely that I could or couldn’t work with that person. So I stopped by a grocery store on my way to work, picked up a test ,3pack cause that’s how they come, and headed to work.

LoveWalking into the office I had a pretty calm feeling. I set up my room for the first patient of the day and just before our morning meeting I grabbed the test from my bag and proceeded into the bathroom. Peed on the stick, sat it on a plastic tray and put in it a drawer. After the meeting I opened the drawer and almost fell over. Perhaps I was a little shocked that I was right, that although we talked about getting pregnant sometime in the future especially since his return from Deployment to Afghanistan, I still didn’t think it would happen. After 12.5 yrs of marriage, 8 of which we used the Rhythm method and never had an uh oh moment, I guess I figured it might not ever happen. So to see the words PREGNANT on the stick was a shock. I called in a friend, another assistant, and put the stick on the counter.

“Does that really say what I think it says?” She immediately started laughing, she is 9 months pregnant and said “Looks like you are pregnant”.

I cussed at the ground a few times, then started laughing and smiling. She gave me a hug and then we both quickly remembered the Nitrous Oxide patient and the scheduling dilemma.


Later that day

All day I had been working on ways to tell Daddy O. I knew he was going to be excited but would he be excited immediately or would shock set in?  Would it be best to tell him right away, right when I found out or to come home and tell him? Or maybe I should tell him in a card, a balloon, a giant teddy bear? Put the Test stick in a box and wrap a bow around it? All day I questioned it.

After work and getting the N2O patient figured out I went to the Store again. We needed some extras for dinner and if I saw something that was cute perhaps I could use it to tell him later with dinner.

Coming home I was nervous and excited. I had a plan and was going with it. Daddy O met me at the door as usual with the three fur kids all excited to see me. Mondays are hard on them after having me all weekend.  I walked in we kissed our hellos and dogs wiggled through the kitchen to help me put food away. When Daddy O went outside to close the front gate I quickly went into my art studio to put my “gift” together. Some how I managed to come back out, cook dinner and nervously watch Daddy O eat and laugh at The Big Bang Theory.

Finally dinner was done. I grabbed my little box and card then slowly handed it to him. He took it thinking I was really late giving him another Birthday gift, which was the week before. Then he opened the card.  It was a little sappy and sweet telling him how great I thought he was and on and on. Then he opened the box which had another card in it that read…

No matter what we have, it will play with these just like their daddy did.

Removing the card from the top of the box, he looked harder at the contents and then at me. “Are you Pregnant? Seriously, you’re pregnant?”

tiny soldiers and pacifiers

tiny soldiers and pacifiers

He pulled out the test stick and smiled, then cussed a little (infantry man) and quickly got up smiling and gave me a huge hug and kiss.


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