Searching Google For Due Date Calculators

due date calculatorFirst thing I am curious about, why when I know the date of conception do they say you are pregnant from the first day of your last period? Strange but I guess it works. Why question the experts right.

So according to the six Due Date Calculators I used I am in my 4-5th week. I liked that this one gave more than just my due date. So 4.5 weeks down 35.5 to go.

This means I am in my first trimester and things are subtle. No morning sickness, no food aversion. But I am starting to feel sleepy the minute I come home from work. This non-napping lady is now a napper. On Tuesday I had the day off and managed to fall asleep twice in the middle of the day. Both times I woke up with a blanket covering me. And today I came home from work and took a nap again.

Daddy O laughed when I tried to avoid taking a nap today. “You are cooking a baby, I would be tired if I were cooking a baby.”

Now I am off to figure out what a trimester is and why it is important to know.


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