About the blog

Me & Daddy OWelcome to Skip The Mush. I have just found out that I am pregnant with our first child and hope to share all the ups, downs and life in between. You can expect to read about my pregnancy, and all our plans in between.

From Daddy O (my husband) getting out of the Army to second-hand thrift store finds for baby, recipes, DIY projects and the bumpy-fun-strange-new world we are about to stumble into.

Who am I:

My name is Tehlia I am a 34-year-old first time mom-to-be with asthma and a gluten allergy. You can often find me crocheting, painting, drawing, cooking, learning graphic & web design and teaching other crafty ladies to make money doing what they love. Having lived all over the United States thanks to my father and husband both being military men, and experiencing my fair share of Deployment heartache I have a different perspective on what the world holds for me. I met my husband while on vacation in Hawaii and haven’t looked back since. 13 yrs later we are going strong, growing a family and about to leave the world of the Army to embark on country living and continuing on with our dreams.

What does Skip The Mush mean?

Right now it means talking more open and honest about what it feels like to be pregnant, not sugar-coating things and then the other meaning will connect more when the baby(s) is older. Skip the Mush… no mushy, pureed baby food. Going for a more natural progression from breast milk or formula to baby reaching for their own first fruits, veggies and meats.


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