Boobs. These Things Are Angry

heart embroideryWeek 5 and I am a walking poster child for first signs of pregnancy. If I didn’t take a pregnancy test this past Monday I would definitely be taking one today. Not only have a few waves of nausea hit me, while on a lunch date with ladies from work and then again around 3pm, but now the boobs are talking to me.

The only safe place for these ladies to exist are in my bra. They are a touch bigger and super sensitive to touching anything, air, a loose t-shirt. My sleeping mostly naked days are over, the sheets now feel like ice-cold sand paper.

On the flip side of all this complaining I am happy. I was a little on edge for a couple of days thinking I need to be still, not run, not sneeze and not push on anything. But with more symptoms coming on I feel more certain that the pregnancy test was right and although I don’t need to move a couch right now I probably don’t need to be so paranoid.


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