Uh Oh Was That “Morning Sickness”?

Around 9:30 last night I started to get tired and was laying my head on Daddy O when my stomach started to feel strange. Similar to that twinge feeling right before you get your period.

crocheted bowlDaddy O put down his Ipad and rubbed on my back “Do you want to go to bed?” I started to get up and said yes. And right as I was moving to put my feet on the ground the twinge feeling turned into a swaying motion. Not dizzy but that, oh I don’t feel good, sway in your stomach. Then while organizing the bed, I am OCD about the sheets being straight, it came on stronger and I had to sit. A wave of nausea and a little disbelief.

Daddy O heard me mumble to myself and asked what was wrong. I said I think I have morning sickness. And in true Daddy O fashion he started to laugh at me. If you know Daddy O you know that he will take any opportunity to take a jab or point and laugh at the ones he loves. I laughed back and said that it was all his fault. He laughed some more and said…

“This is going to be fun.” Not sure what that exactly means but I guess I should get prepared for more laughing.

I was hoping I would be the lucky 15% that never experiences “morning sickness”. So far so good. I didn’t actually make it to puking but I was close. Not sure what would be worse, vomiting all day or only at night and not getting good sleep?


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