We Weren’t Planning On This

handmade magnets

handmade magnets

Over 13 years ago Daddy O and I met while I was on Vacation in Hawaii and he was stationed at Schofield Barracks Army Post on Oahu. We met through a friend who had a fridge full of food, and the chow hall was closed. Then a few days later we managed to hit it off during a DJ Scribbles concert. I left Hawaii only to give that Soldier a call and talk for hours each night for months. Four months later I packed a single suitcase and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii. One year later we were married and I went from being an Air Force Brat to an Army Wife.

We were the couple most of our friends knew weren’t having kids. We never talked about them and when asked if/when we were having kids we would laugh and say not anytime soon. To be honest we didn’t like most kids and babies drew no attention from us. They were cute, but let’s leave them with a babysitter and go get some wine and dinner.

Fast forward a few years to 2012 and talk of kids pops up a few times. 11 years of marriage and we had barely mentioned kids. We were happy with life as it was. A deployment behind us, injuries from war simmering down and the Army slowly coming to an end, we started to make plans. Plans for future business we could start, how we want to live and where we could travel to.

Then on April 1st that all changed. Not the Plans but more like an Add-On, an amendment to The Plans.


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