Light Spotting. Thinking Good Thoughts

In my 5th week and all is going well. I would like to say great but I am just not 100% certain. Trying to think good thoughts and do a lot of reading. Also talking to friends has made me feel a little better about the thin brownish-clear spotting I am having. Telling me it is old cells from last period, cervical spotting from sex and even implantation bleeding finally making its way out.

Every blog, webMD and pregnancy site I find says it is normal then there is the fine print of 20% chance of miscarriage. So I rest, take it easy, try not to stress and continue on with making plans.

Here is what most say about spotting during the first trimester:

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handmade stamped coaster

The chances are very, very good, that you and your pregnancy are just fine.  Spotting, staining, and discharge are extremely common during the first trimester and most of the time (sorry, I can’t say all of the time) they don’t indicate a miscarriage.  Instead, it indicates a cervix that’s loaded with tiny blood vessels and filled with extra blood supply and hormones that make it super-sensitive to irritation, like the kind that happens with sexual activity. 

The reason why this discharge shows up the next day is because most likely, there was a little bleeding that occurred as a result of the cervix being bumped during sex.  That little bit of blood gets mixed with normal cervical mucous and vaginal discharge that comes out the vagina when the woman gets up to pee the next day.  It might be pink or it might be the brown color of old blood.  It doesn’t take much blood to make your discharge change color.

Spotting in very early pregnancy might also indicate implantation bleeding when the fertilized egg burrows into the uterine lining that will be its’ home until its’ birthday.  This usually happens before there’s even a heartbeat and often, before a woman even knows she’s pregnant. In fact, it’s sometimes mistaken for a light period

What should you do when you notice a weird discharge?  First, take a deep breath.  Second, give your doctor or midwife a call.  There’s not a lot they can do to prevent early miscarriage, but they can schedule an appointment and listen for your baby’s heartbeat (if you’re eight weeks or further in your pregnancy).  If the only symptom you have is a funky-colored discharge, you’re probably not miscarrying and hearing that heartbeat might be all you need – some audible reassurance that your baby is well.  Your healthcare providers can also provide emotional support until you feel settled.  That’s important.  Most likely, you’ve never lived with this very specific type of worry before and there’s no reason why you have to tough it out alone.  Emotional support and reassurance are possibly the most important parts of your healthcare provider’s job.  That’s because there are a lot more ways to be normal, than there are ways to be abnormal, even if some of the normal ways (like pinkish-brown discharge) are kind of unsettling.   

The fine print: What are clear signs of miscarriage?  Sometimes the signs are subtle, but bright red bleeding, similar to a period, cramping and abdominal pain are hallmark symptoms.  Cramping and low abdominal aches and pains by themselves are very common at various stages of pregnancy, and most of the time they don’t indicate miscarriage.  Miscarriage happens in about 20% of all pregnancies, usually in the first trimester and often before a woman knows she’s pregnant. But here’s the reassuring part again…80% of all pregnancies don’t end in miscarriage.  Instead, they go on to deliver lovely babies.   Chances are good, readers, even if you have a pinkish-brown discharge, you’re in the majority and just fine.  read the full article and many others through this google search

Most sites will also say that Doctors can’t do much except to confirm that you are still pregnant or in the process of miscarriage and if you are then they really can’t do anything to stop it. They can take tests to check that HCG levels are high and where they should be and then an ultra sound to check for heartbeat. Right now I am ok knowing it is normal. I will take it easy the next two weeks until my first appointment. But if it changes I will be heading to the ER as I don’t have a caregiver yet and the Army kind of works funny that way, so ER will be it.


2 thoughts on “Light Spotting. Thinking Good Thoughts

  1. girlgonegranola says:

    I had intermittent spotting for the whole of the first trimester with Scarlet. It turned out to be no big deal, I just needed a little supplemental progesterone and to make myself chill a little. The worst part of the whole ordeal came from worrying about it so much. I stressed over it so hard, that my IBS went bananas. Barfing and on the can for 12 weeks…JOY.

    Hang in there, mamacita. Those tiny little turkeys are tougher than most people give them credit for being. 😉

    • Tehlia says:

      Yeah I am just keeping calm. My boobs still hurt, no cramping or pain so I am just thinking good thoughts. The more I talk about it the more women tell me they had the samevthing, it helps to share.

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