DIY Baby: weekend projects

Purple wash clothe We have a few projects ongoing this month. One big one is to pack up our home. Daddy O’s Army days are coming to an end soon, he is in the process of finishing a medical board to find out if the Army will Medically Retire him, due to injuries from Afghanistan. This “process” has been going on for 2 years and counting.

But the final papers are on the last desk and then it is up to Daddy O whether he agrees with the result. If he does we would be out of the Army 15 days later. So we wait, but while waiting we are packing and preparing for a new adventure living on acres of land in a super fancy 5th wheel trailer while we DIY build our home in a town with a population of 2,000 people and a river. I can’t wait.

In between packing I am hoping to get some baby beanies made and wash cloths crocheted. Working with a different cotton yarn then usual. Most of my other wash cloths that I have made and use daily have lasted years. SO I am hoping these will do the same.

handmade crocheted washcloths

handmade crocheted wash cloths


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