No Mush for Baby: this weeks food crush

dried cranberries & almond slivers

dried cranberries & almond slivers

I am now 6 weeks pregnant and have come through the clouds of brownish spotting and feeling sleepy. I am swimming through headaches and having to pee every hour. But I am enjoying my new love of eating clean and not having any Mush in this body.

Mush, definition: Processed foods that Mom and baby should not consume

This weeks No Mush craving food… Dried Cranberries and Slivered Almonds. The combination creates a tart vanilla flavor and is super easy to snack on. I made a big bag at the beginning of this week and take a few scoops with me to work every day. I haven’t had any nausea since last Thursday and feel like I have more energy during the day.

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