We Planned For a Move Not For a Baby

5th wheel trailer with 5 pop outs

5th wheel trailer with 5 pop outs

The weekend went by pretty smooth. Made the Baby “Facebook Official” and got calls from friends I hadn’t heard from in a while. I am well into week 6 on my way to 7 and still feeling good. Last night we spent the night in our future home watching movies and I couldn’t help but imagine where the high chair will fit and what corner of the living room the Pack n’ Play will go.

By the time Baby arrives we will be settled into the 5th wheel trailer so there will be time to get it all sorted out, but it is exciting to figure out what we truly need and can do without.  People have asked where will the baby sleep? Will you have enough room? What about bath time?

The livingroomWe have lived in tiny city apartments, hotel rooms waiting for housing with every army move and we have lived a life together for 13 yrs. All of those spaces big or small have worked well and haven’t given us any issues. This Trailer isn’t either. Our plan as of 9 months ago had been… Get out of the Army, Move to a small country town, Find acres and acres of land, plop our trailer on it and slowly build our own DIY home. That plan had reality planned into it, that perhaps the house doesn’t get built in the first year, maybe it takes 3, so with that we thought about what style trailer we could live in long-term. The end result, a 40 foot 5th wheel trailer with 5 pop outs or slides and a large kitchen and separate living room space. It is spacious, able to sleep two other people if need be and well laid out.

the layout

the layout

Then came baby and with one baby will come more, because although we hadn’t planned on having kids we have always said if we did we could never have just one. So how will it work?

It just will. It has too. Because this baby wasn’t planned but life keeps on moving and we are moving and land is what we want and a quiet life in the country is what we need. So this baby and all the others will fit in our tiny 400 square foot home just fine, because what Daddy O & I need is exactly what they need. And then there is the ever faithful, Because I said so… practicing my mean mom speeches early… because I said so.


2 thoughts on “We Planned For a Move Not For a Baby

  1. Rachel says:

    I have a cousin who lives in one of those “micro” homes built from a camper frame and she just had her baby almost a year ago. She is all about reducing her carbon foot print and such and does just fine in their tiny space. We lived in a one bedroom for a long time when ours was born, and although we live in a two bedroom now, the spare room is a guest bedroom lol! Certain parenting styles just don’t require all the “stuff” that retailers like to shove down our throats as necessary. All we had were onsies and blankets! Literally, no crib(slept with us), stroller (baby wearing), bottles(breast fed), bouncyseats, baby baths (showered with me), diapers (a few cloth but not enough to count because we practiced EC), binkis or swings….it’s totally doable….not to mention easier on your wallet! But everyone is different, when asking some women what I would need, some said “everything” some said “your boobs.”

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