8 Weeks, A Raspberry, Nausea and The Most Uneventful Doctors Appointment EVER!

8 weeks pregnant fruit sizeThe Blue Berry has turned into a Raspberry or Grape. I like saying Grape better, perhaps because it sounds more masculine and we have been talking about baby boys a lot lately. So Grape Baby is what I will call him.

Lots to talk about from this week. I had my first appointment… bit of a let down and YUCK, my first bout of nausea hit hard.

To the appointment: Everything I had been reading about first OB appointments lead me to believe that we would have a complete exam and get to hear the heartbeat. Then as I was sitting in the waiting room filling out a 5 page inquiry about my health history I remembered… I don’t see a regular OB, we are in the army and Military hospitals have their “systems” they must check off.

Once my paperwork was complete an extremely short round woman, so incredibly comical, called me back. Daddy O was happy to come to this appointment believing what I had read about the heartbeat and blah blah blah. So back in a tiny room, after being weighed, we sat at a desk, round garden gnome nurse in front of us as we proceeded to listen to her spiel on appointments and who to call in case of an emergency. Daddy O did excellent holding his tongue as she went through what foods to avoid, and repeatedly telling me to keep taking my asthma inhalers. He did excellent even after I asked about the heartbeat and she explained that we wouldn’t get that until 10 weeks.

grapesFinally after 35 minutes of hearing her talk and setting up my official FIRST OB appointment she hands me a bottle of prenatal vitamins and directions on how to get to the Lab. We were pretty stoked to be finished with an absolute waste of time appointment and made a mad dash to the lab.

After six tubes of blood,  a cup full of pee and a trip to the hospital cafeteria for lunch, we were home and happy that part was set in motion.

On to better news.  The Blueberry has become a raspberry affectionately called THE GRAPE! From something that could not have been seen to an appleseed, blueberry and now raspberry/Grape I am ecstatic to report week 8 is underway. And man has this grape won the battle over who is stronger. Nausea aka Morning Sickness has kicked in.

I still hadn’t had any running to the restroom events but I came close. It has mostly been an extreme sense of motion sickness. And let me tell you I got all the classic recommendations from friends and co-workers on the best remedies. The only dilemma. I am sensitive the Gluten, so no amount of Saltine cracker was going to happen.

Instead I found my latest No Mush: Food Crush, Caramel Rice cakes with Almond Butter smeared on top. Three days of YUCK conquered by tasty rice cakes and sleep. Oh and yes I am still falling asleep most nights before 9pm. My Night Owl old self is still having issues with this.

rice cakes and almond butter


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