Oops 10 Weeks. I slept through week 9

Well I am exhausted. We are planning a move from West of the Cascade Mountains in Washington to East of the Cascades near the Methow Valley. The past weeks of packing, trashing and still working full-time have kicked me in the rear. And Daddy O has been doing most of the work.

In the past, as an Army wife and a child of a Military father, with one mention of a PCS move I would have my room and when married my entire house packed in a day. This go around… that is never going to happen. Daddy O has filled the truck twice, filled a Uhaul trailer and made 3  – 4 hour road trips to our future home town all on his own, with me as the ever sleepy passenger.

So aside from getting ready to be rid of our Active Duty Army Life and training my replacement at work I have squeaked past week 9 (baby the size of an olive) and found myself in week 10 unscathed.

prune dried plumThe Olive is now a Prune. And after finding out that is the fruit shape of the little alien I am now unable to eat a prune. Which has been my latest food crush.

My Pregnancy Symptoms for Week 10:


Craving: Orange Juice (still) Corn Flakes, Fried Egg Sandwiches and Steak.

Weight gain so far: BIG FAT ZERO… this is good for me. I am currently 20 pounds over weight and 40 pounds past my comfortable I FEEL great weight. So eating good but not over doing it should keep me on track to nourish Baby without gaining more weight then I need.

BIG NEWS! We get to see our baby for the first time tomorrow. I am pretty excited. I haven’t had much in the way of symptoms lately and not having a true bump to show (I have a belly but that is, well, it is fat) I sometimes don’t feel very pregnant. Then in the same motion with that thought I suddenly want to chug a gallon of Orange Juice and take a 3 hour nap.

Well ,wish us luck at our first Baby Doctor appointment. I am nervous and excited to see this prune for the first time.


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