The Next Step. Un-Traditionally-Employed & 13 more years

pic from Nov 2012, before I knew 2013 was going to be EPIC!

pic from Nov 2012, before I knew 2013 was going to be EPIC!

My last day of work was early this week. There had been ups and downs, as with any job, but over all I liked my co-workers, gained genuine relationships with some and laughed through out the day. My last day was bitter-sweet but welcomed. Since finding out we (Daddy O) would be finished with active duty Army, Medically Retired by the end of the month and giving my notice to the bosses, I have had short timers syndrome. So, when my last day finally hit and I didn’t have to wake up for work I was ready for it.

My biggest hurdle now is gathering energy to get the house cleaned out and looking better than how we got it. This has been the hardest part about being in my first trimester and moving… I am exhausted. I go to bed at 9:00pm most nights wake up 9 hours later and need to take a late morning nap. Breakfast gets made and a box gets packed but that is about all until the afternoon. While I am transitioning from Working Army Wife to Pregnant Entrepreneur Wife & Mom I have to find a balance between the 15 hours of sleep my baby now demands I get and learning graphic/web design design and finding clients. Right now the balance is SLEEP.  But Tehlia Lauerman . com is growing and I am slowly finding my focus.

Daddy O on the other hand has been the rock. I feel bad and lazy. He has taken on the entire move while making sure his next endeavor outside of the army is a profitable one. He has moved into the role that I took over when he got hurt in Afghanistan. While I hate the amount of work he has taken on I am grateful that he is capable of taking it, that he is here with me. He is a great husband and will be an amazing father.

Our first 13 years have been an adventure that most marriages don’t see in 50 yrs, I can’t wait to see with the next 13 – 20 – 30 years brings us. So here is to our next adventure – Moving to the country, living with only the necessities, growing and having a baby, learning to be a new type of family, all without the Army but with each other.


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