12 Weeks Pregnant, Pollen and Belly

The BIG TWELVE is here. This is the moment when most moms-to-be are super excited because they get to spill the beans to everyone they see. Perhaps their close friends and family already knows and now they get to tell it to every one else they cross paths with. Not Me… Daddy O already did that back when 6 weeks was the Big deal. And then for myself I told close friends and I had to tell work because of the “laughing gas” that is in rotation. So no big bomb to drop, am I sad no, but I am needing another reason to celebrate something. So many HUGE milestones in the past few months that it seems fitting for something to happen this week.

12 weeks pregnant banner

I guess I can shout MY BABY AND I MADE IT TO 12 WEEKS!!! Does that mean I am starting my 2nd trimester or am I one week out? Pretty exciting shit. Almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day you can hear Daddy O or myself say something that sounds like, “There’s a baby in there”.  We are still in a bit of shock. 13 yrs of togetherness and never a baby oops – to full on pregnant will do that to a couple.

kiwiChanges this week: Baby is 2 inches long from head to rump or 3 inches if you include legs. I think it should include legs, might as well count all of him. The fruit shape this week is Kiwi or Plum and my uterus is the size of a grapefruit. I am reminded that from my belly button down I am not in control, when I laugh or cough I feel little muscle pulls and pinches. Everything is stretching internally for that kiwi inside a grapefruit.

Still not showing, not in the baby bump kind of way but it is getting extremely hard to suck in my belly. I found myself holding a small container in front of my belly while Daddy O and I were walking through a hunting store. It was an odd thing for me to do, not that I was afraid someone might think I was pregnant but more that I was afraid someone might just think I was a sloppy non-stomach-holding-in lady. Speaking of bellies, the other change, I am hungry hungry now. I wake up hungry and snack all day. Trying to keep junk under control sans those gluten-free cookies, I have only just now gained a pound or two.

cotton woodOn the health front, there is a tree spewing all its fluffy white cottony pollen all over everything. Beautiful to watch as it “snows” in the middle of May however my asthma is not happy. I have had asthma from the ripe old age of 2 and have many scares that I, my mother, and father somehow survived. And although my asthma is under control I still have bad days and this white fluffy shit is kicking my ass. I take my inhalers like I should but can’t help to think of the little guy in me struggling to breathe as well. So I rest, relax, move slow and breath steady. The Pollen will leave soon.

Other big changes, our house is empty of all livable furniture. One lonely lawn chair lives in the living room for internet needing comfort but everything else is gone. The tv and all beds along with 80% of our life has made their way to a storage unit. We are living most of the time in the trailer while we ride out these last two weeks of Army life. We only come back into the house for the bathroom, internet and meals. It feels like really fancy camping.

What’s next for our little family. My mind can only think of dinner right now, steak and watermelon.


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