Seeing Red. I Was Panicked.

Yesterday afternoon was great, although it was day 4 of straight heavy rain I was feeling good. Dancing to music as I cleaned the Kitchen in the rental house and playing with the dogs. About 4pm Daddy O came home and I cooked an early dinner, steak (still craving it) and green beans. It was tasty. We sat in our new home eating and training dogs not to be under us while we eat at the table. We are trying to be grown ups and eat dinner at the table from now on. That is a work in progress. After dinner I cleaned up the dishes and danced some more. Macklemore was playing and I can’t not move to it. So dancing ended and I needed a break.

While I was editing photos and tinkering with two websites I felt something more than the normal wetness… disclaimer: it will get bodily fluid descriptive from this point on, but hey it is our bodies so deal with it or stop reading and tune in next week for something less “gross”. 

red decorative ornamentWhat was I saying? Oh yes not the normal wetness, it was heavier and more of it. I got up to got to the restroom and check, thinking I possibly peed myself a little or some heavy discharge was coming out. When I got up and little more of the fluid came out. I was now a little panicked. Up until now the last time I had any spotting was around the 5 week mark, it was brownish only when I wiped. 

When I pulled down my pants there was blood. Not a huge amount, not like a period but it was bright red and more than just spotting. Being near a toilet made me then have to pee and when I began to pee more blood and a little more when I wiped. Again not heavy, something similar to when you are at the last 2 days of your period and all you need is a panty liner. I was freaking out, silently and mostly in my head. I put a panty liner in and laid down on the couch. 

Immediately I am on google and WedMd trying not to panic. In some ways it helped. I didn’t have cramping, dizziness or nausea. I felt fine other than seeing red I was feeling good. So I relaxed a little. About 2 hours later I needed to pee again. There was nothing on the panty liner so far. I peed and saw no red but then I wiped and freaked out again. Bright Red on the toilet paper. 

I had to weigh my options and think about this coming weekend. It was a Thursday evening, my doctors are on a military post and the next day was the start of Memorial weekend. Which means no clinics would be open on Monday. So my only option wait until next Tuesday, almost 5 days, or go to the Emergency Room. I knew I wouldn’t sleep, I wouldn’t want to pee or sit on a toilet I would be stressed making my asthma worse and so to the ER Daddy O and I went. 

9pm and the ER was pretty quiet. I was hoping I would get seen pretty fast, they would do an ultra sound or listen for a heartbeat and send me on my way. I was wrong. First, Vitals – pee in cup – give 3 tubes of blood and then wait. WAIT for 3 hours before getting to a room behind the ER doors. Finally in there, I was pushed on, stared at, vitals taken again and finally an exam. To bad for me it was a full on pelvic exam. This makes two speculums in two weeks, not my idea of a good time. Daddy O saw the 5 giant cotton swabs full of blood and he looked a little concerned. I guess he thought I was overreacting at first.

The doctor said nothing looked damaged that she could see externally on my cervix and that there didn’t seem to be any active bleeding occurring. Next up Ultra sound. Now keep in mind that with every procedure there was at least a 30 minute wait between each one. Rolling into 1:30am The Ultra sound happened. To my relief and confirming Daddy O’s belief the baby was bouncing around, twisting and turn. He was flipping and moving so much the Doctor couldn’t get a clear sight on his heart. Which was nice for us, we got about a 15 minute show from the little guy. 

So everything is fine so far. No bleeding today only old brown stuff from all the poking. I am taking it easy though. No dancing or Sex (sorry Daddy O) for two weeks. The doctors explained that it could be Placenta Previa, which at this stage is not a bad thing. Just means the placenta is close to or on the cervix and will bleed slightly. They could not confirm that with my ultra sound and I will need to go back in to OB to have another Ultra sound done to see if it is on my cervix. In most cases this early on the placenta will move away as the baby and uterus stretch and grow. If it doesn’t then we have to keep an eye on things. 

But all is well. The baby is active with a heart rate of 167 and I feel pretty good in my 12th week. Back to craving juice, fruit and steak. 

P.S. I keep saying He and writing He, we don’t know what we are having just yet. HE just comes out on it’s own.


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