Too Many Options. Strollers and Pack n’Plays

strollersThe other day I was walking through target grabbing some socks, I love the $1.50 bin, and checking out there maternity clothes. I hadn’t planned on being there long until I wondered into the baby section.

High chairs, strollers, car seats and pack n’ plays were staring me down. I have an idea of what we need and what will work in our new home (check it out here) but even having an idea wasn’t much help when I was confronted with them in real life.

The Pack n’ Play might be the easiest one to come to a decision on. We are matching our house colors and our style not whether baby is a boy or a girl. All that will matter for that is can it fold easy and its fully expanded size.

The big hang up is which company makes a stroller that will last but won’t bankrupt us and at the same time makes for easy fold up to store. We want something with options that will grow with baby or can turn into something more if another baby comes quickly after, which is our hope.

We are the funny couple that wants to go from no kids to a gaggle in no time. So we need to plan for that as much as we can. Some clothes that can be worn by boy or girl, furniture that transforms but is neutral and items that will last.

Any suggestion on strollers would be greatly appreciated


2 thoughts on “Too Many Options. Strollers and Pack n’Plays

  1. applegirl514 says:

    We registered for the BOB stroller. While more expensive, we liked that it would easily adapt to an infant car seat or hold a toddler for as long as needed. Plus it is a jogging stroller and from talking to other moms, it’s the one stroller that doesn’t look beat to heck after the first child (meaning you can use it for the gaggle of kids if you decide to have them). $400 over 2 (or 3) kids is a lot more manageable/kid.

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