14 Weeks Today: Living on an apple orchard & Typing on my phone

I am 14 weeks pregnant today!!! Still feeling pretty good. In fact I am feeling so good I am back to questioning if I am really pregnant and wondering if the baby is ok.

Sometimes I get a little knock from the baby calming my questions. But there can be days that I don’t feel any knocks or bubbles. Knowing that I would KNOW if something happened I try to stay calm.

So back to celebrating 14weeks and getting into the second trimester feeling great. I have read that this is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. My need for naps has faded and my bloated feeling is gone. Actually I woke up this morning having lost the 3 pounds I gained over the past 13 weeks. Country living must be agreeing with me.

Speaking of country. We are finally getting our days and evenings into a routine. The kitchen is cleaned up and organized, we take morning walks after waking up at 6am with the sun shining on us.

I will have to post more pics of where we are living. Once I have internet going. It is beautiful and very different from Western Washington. We are on a river surrounded by apple orchards. Mountains all around. It is extremely dry here in Eastern Washington compared to Tacoma and Seattle. And we are loving it. The dogs are in heaven when they go outside. Running and taking dips in the lake when they get to hot or just sunbathing.


Todays plan… nothing, we don’t have any and that is just right.


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