Lots of Reading. What to expect…

We found a book store Sunday afternoon and I was in heaven. This book store had the feel of Barnes & Noble without the prices. Normally I would have gone to the fiction section or craft section, instead I went to the family section. There was a good selection of books (none of the ones a friend recommended) and a few written just for dads. The dad books were written with humor and facts combined, but I leaned in for a classic.

what to expect when you're expectingI wanted facts and more about the birthing side of things. And the best part being the revised version was on sale. So far I have breezed through it. I wouldn’t say you could test me on all the categories covered but I have less questions about a few things.

I have also been able to calm my feeling to good to be pregnant worries. Talking with friends has helped but also talking to my Mum has really helped. She didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms with me or my sister other than tender breasts. Once she hit her 2nd trimester she didn’t feel pregnant either. Not until she started to show and felt us move. Nice to know i am not alone.


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