15 Weeks Pregnant. Felt more knocks

Last night was the first night I didn’t feel so good. I know what causes it… not drinking enough throughout the day. So as I was feeling a little off last night and unable to sleep I chugged two glasses of water and hoped it would be enough.

As I was falling asleep I imagine the baby was happy from all the cold water, it started bumping, knocking and at one point felt like it did a flip. Definitely calmed my fears of feeling to good. There is still a baby in there.


This morning I woke up feeling good again and to a brand new week. WEEK 15!!!!

Symptoms so far: sore breasts, round ligament pain and baby knocking.

The round ligament pain isn’t all day. For me it only happens when I sneeze or cough while laying flat or if I eat a big meal and stay sitting too long after. It’s a strange pinching tearing pain low on both sides of of my pelvic area. It truly feels like muscles ripping and in a strange way I like it. Means the baby is growing.

Weight Gain: ZERO I lost the 3 pounds I gained in the first trimester.

Must be What happens when you only crave fruit, juice, and meat. That and feeling good.


2 thoughts on “15 Weeks Pregnant. Felt more knocks

  1. girlgonegranola says:

    I always felt the kiddos moving the most at this stage when I had a full bladder. Is it the same for you? Kinda makes you not want to pee! 😉

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