16 Weeks and Counting

polyphemus moth

polyphemus moth on the porch

My 4th month of pregnancy is coming to an end as I approach 17 weeks. So far everything is pretty much the same. No crazy symptoms, still feeling great and no spotting at all. I had my 16 week check up, babies heart beat was hitting 160 and the fundal height (top of my uterus) was an inch under my belly button, I assume that is right on target. Strange to feel my uterus, knowing what it is and how much it has moved up.

The Baby for week 16 was 4-5 inches from crown to rump, the size of my Samsung cell phone. Eyes and ears are all in the right place and he is weighing about 4 ounces. Strange that something that size is swimming around in me and I don’t feel it all the time.

The baby does seem to get a literal kick out of vinegar. Perhaps it is my excitement for the food I am eating, fish & chips, that actually gets him rolling.

15 1/2 weeks pregnant

*15 1/2 weeks pregnant

My weight loss or maintenance was short-lived bloating water weight. I have officially gained 4 pounds. I can handle that and will try to keep it slow and steady. The further along in the pregnancy the more the baby directly experiences what I eat through the amniotic fluid. So come a few weeks, around week 20, I will have even more incentive to eat veggies and fruits and to stay away from processed foods.

They say that every baby develops a taste for what the mother eats. So if I eat nothing but sweets and fats that is what will taste good to baby but if I eat healthy, spicy, garlicky, veggies, green juices and fruit then baby will want those things more. Pretty neat experiment to undertake, wondering if it will make introducing no mush whole foods easier in the future.



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