Apple Orchard Neighbors. Our new view.

apple orchardMy house and land history up to this point has been City or Urban. The closest we got to country was our last rental home that sat on half an acre and had a few fruit trees. It was quiet at times but sat just off a busy road. We still had neighbors and solicitors. As Daddy O was closing in on his medical retirement and being finished with the army we started questioning what we wanted and where we wanted to live.

Two years ago as we drove away from an Army Post in Kentucky we were adamant about moving back to downtown Seattle. We wanted people and city. We wanted variety and restaurants. But that would have to wait until we were completely finished with the army. So we moved into that rental house with fruit trees. We quickly acquired 3 dogs, 5 chickens and started a vegetable garden. Then we found ourselves canning fruit, making duck jerky from Daddy O’s newly learned hobby of duck hunting and dreaming of having more land.

new applesRight as we were in the process of land hunting and searching out ways we could make it happen friends of ours, a couple with two young children, announced they were moving back home. Leaving downtown Seattle for Orchard living in a town with less than 2,000 people. Daddy O and I get energized. We weren’t the only ones who were thinking, space, property and open skies were what we needed most.

Now after 8months of planning and setting a few things out to the wind we have moved, settled onto our friends property which is surrounded by apple trees.

The most amazing part about being out here in the country vs moving back into the city… we have met more people in 3 weeks time than we ever did in the first year of living downtown. I was laughing at myself one morning as I waved to a neighbor across the newly planted apple field and smiled at a pack of playful dogs all while sipping Hot Cocoa in the front yard. Very surreal.


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