Feeling Homesick and Out-of-sorts

Bakery and wifi

Coffee shop heaven

The homesick feeling I get is typical for me. It usually rolls in slow and then hits me hard about 1 month into our new duty station, after the kitchen is together and the last box disappears. It’s not a homesickness in the traditional sense but more for the familiar feeling of friends and routine. I don’t miss the home we left or the military post we moved from. I rarely miss the town, maybe a restaurant or two that became favorites. But once I start feeling this bit of homesickness I start missing my Dad and my Mum. I guess being in unfamiliar surroundings and not having a routine makes me realize how long it had been since seeing my parents.

This morning as Daddy O and I were discussing different land buying opportunities that may come up in the near future I began to cry. I couldn’t explain why I was crying it was just there, mixed with pregnancy hormones making it worse. The moment Daddy O suggested I go to the bakery as he goes to the office I recognized the timing of this tear fest and was a little better. The bakery/coffee shop had WIFI and people.

It isn’t my family or a familiar conversation with co-workers but it was a potential routine that involved interacting with others that weren’t covered in fur or licking my face. Not usually.


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