17 Weeks and Savoring Every Minute

1st bump boobs, 2nd bump Baby

1st bump boobs, 2nd bump Baby

Since becoming pregnant I have devoured any information I can find on the internet and become immersed in other mom-to-be blogs. One thing I have noticed many of the mommy blogs mentioning is how much they wished they had have slowed down and not rushed through the first half of pregnancy so they could find out what they were having.

They wished they had sat back watched their bodies, symptoms, tiny kicks and little moments early on and enjoyed the process. One woman mentioned that she was so focused on week 20 that she doesn’t remember any of the weeks before that. She didn’t recall when she felt the first bumps and that made her sad.

So I have taken that to heart. Perhaps too much and annoyed Daddy O with constant updates on the size of the Peanut aka Mango, and did you know – stories. But I am enjoying it. I have reached the 17 week mark today, I am bigger now, more on the “You Look Pregnant” side of the chart and loving that too. Friends in

Tyson (1 of the fur kids) had to get in on the picture

Tyson (1 of the fur kids) had to get in on the picture

our new town who know I am pregnant give me a belly glance and smile. To strangers I suppose I just look like I LOVE beer.

Perhaps it’s because I have had an easy go of things that I am excited to get bigger. To have a huge round belly and feel hiccups at night. Granted I say that now, having never been kept awake by something inside me taking a boxing lesson.

But I am not in a hurry. I CAN wait to find out what the baby is, I CAN wait to get HUGE because right now I am feeling good. And the tiny boxer in me is having a great time.


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