From The Land: Planning our future home on 10 acres

In a few weeks we might be living on the land and out of our friends hair. They have been great but I can understand if in their minds they are ready to have their front property back to normal. Soon we might be driving away, 1 mile away to a piece of property that has magically appeared. There aren’t too many details to give right now, I don’t want to jinx it, but I figure I can start working on the layout for our future land/homestead/orchard farm.

My drawings. Cute right?

My drawings. Cute right?

The land would be on a 10 acre parcel. The first 3 acres would be dedicated to Apples the rest would be up to us to sort out. And let me tell you I am slightly stressed. Placing gardens is on thing, putting up a chicken coop (that can be moved) is easy, but deciding where to place cement pads (foot prints) for our home and steel structure barn, well that is scary. One building being placed in the wrong spot can mean extremely hot summers with direct sun. Too many trees can mean ripping them up when more buildings need to be added or having to settle for smaller structures than we desire in the future. So I draw and draw until I can’t do it any more.

Daddy O thinks my drawings are cute, but also likes that I am taking it on. I draw, show it to him, he adds notes and I draw again. Seems like we make a good team that way. All this drawing has also gotten me writing. Making a First things First list. We are starting from scratch with this land. There is power and a water well but nothing else. Just unused land waiting for care and a plan.

Here is part of my To Do list (in order to live on it and move our chickens):

First things first homestead plan1. Clear Land: weeds, rocks, shrubs and debris (big job for 10 acres)

2. Clear Paths for: Drive Way, Trailer Pad, Steel Barn Pad, Picnic Pad/fire pit and aquaponics garden

3. Power for: Trailer, Barn and Livestock area

4. Water lines for: Trailer, Barn & Livestock area

5. Septic Tank

6. Gray Water run off

7. Pour Cement Pads for: Trailer, Barn and “picnic” area

Once #7 is completed we can move onto the property and start working the land. Getting Chickens moved in, Family Fruit trees and shade trees planted will complete the first phase. Hoping this land becomes a reality but if not we have a rough draft for the next opportunity.


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