Make Shift Maternity Jeans. Failing

I was hoping to stretch out the wearing of my regular jeans a little bit longer. I had been doing well with my weight and thought quite possibly I might hit month 6th and then have to commit to a larger size or a least get used to wearing the belly band thing that covers my unzipped jeans. My Legs and butt are fitting my jeans just fine, but this belly refuses to stay contained. *I am loving it.

Pregnant Girl Issues

Pregnant Girl Issues

I have been using a hair tie for the past few weeks and every day it got a little more obvious that this might not last long. Then this week I had a growth spurt or should I say the Mango had a growth spurt causing my zipper to have to work and most days lose the battle. I have now gained a total of 9 pounds over the past 20 weeks. 3 of which were gained during week 18 & 19. For me that is great. Over weight to start and hoping to only gain 20 or less. I hope I can stay under it. I know the baby has a lot more to gain as he/she is only 10 ounces and has at least 6 pounds to go.

So unzipped with the belly band cover might be my new fit for a little bit. This belly did give me a great reason to buy some new capris. Summer is looking great so far.


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