20 week Ultra Sound. It’s Official We Are Having A…

it's a boyA few of the Old Wive’s Tales are true, and others not so much. My intuition was right on and my inclination to say BOY was right too.

baby's profile. Love that nose

baby’s profile. Love that nose

The Ultra Sound was a really great experience. Watching the little man wiggle around as the tech took images was fun. His heart was perfect, spine, kidneys, brain and head shape was right on. The only interesting hiccup was that the cord joins the placenta on the side instead of directly in the center. Of course the Doctor says that most people wouldn’t even mention this but… so I am thinking why are you mentioning it, now I am all freaked out. He explained it can mean some nutrients may not reach the baby because it can’t be pulled from the far side. Followed with, usually things are just fine and baby grows never knowing the difference.

It's definitely a BOY!

It’s definitely a BOY!

Still I am thinking, if it isn’t a big deal why did you tell us. But now we know, and we are grateful. This will mean we need to get an ultra sound done in about 6 weeks to check on our little mans growth. Of course I googled it and have had my mind settled more. The fact that he is right on schedule with all his growth so far and no other issues is great. I was hoping to skip out of the ultra sound room 100% elated, we were 90% there.

The best part of the visit was Daddy O watching the screen intently waiting. When the Tech zoomed out to get a full picture of the baby’s chest he bucked up and pushed his pelvis above his thighs. Then Daddy O basically yelled “There is it, it’s a Boy!” I saw it too, the tech tried to down play it and say it could have been umbilical cord but we already knew. Then finally we got to the goods. Yep definitely a boy.

Baby Boy is on his way to being with us. Only 20 more weeks to go.


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