20 weeks. On Our Way to Meet Baby Boy or Girl.

Not much to write about just yet.

I have reached 20 weeks pregnant, 9 pound weight gain (total) and still feeling great. My toes are slowly disappearing and my movements have slowed down a bit. Tyson the yorkie has become my shadow and Jake our Giant puppy likes to lay his head across my belly. It is all feeling quite great. Still craving fruit, frozen fruit bars and meat.

what will it be

what will it be

The big news today… We are on our way to meet this little Girl or Boy for the last time before I give birth. Every one has their theory about what I am having, from my cravings, how I am carrying and then the necklace test. I have been saying Boy, writing He and when I mention if the baby moved to Daddy O I say “He moved so much today.” Perhaps it is mothers intuition or I just drift towards the masculine when things are unknown. Either way we are excited.

This is also a milestone moment for Daddy O and I, we are officially retirees. Getting switched over in the military system and receiving new ID cards. This will also be our last visit to an all Army/Military Hospital unless we move and end up near one later in our future. I begin seeing the Midwives on August 1st.

So we are off on our mini road trip, dogs in tow and excitement building.


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