Once When I Was Pregnant

I feel like I have been a pretty good pregnant lady. Only having a few random outbursts, none to physical and only a few involving tears. Daddy O might disagree but from the horror stories we hear about others and their mood swings I think he will agree that I could be worse.

This weeks “Once when I was pregnant…” Daddy O and I took a friend to the other restaurant in town. Normally I order the fish & chips but was feeling more like a big burger with fries and a salad to start. The restaurant that night was the most full I had ever seen it and the staff looked like they were running on a skeleton crew so we prepared ourselves for a wait. About  30 minutes roll by, thank god for good conversation and our food arrives. I lean to the waitress and say “I know you are busy but if the salad is already made I will take it if not can you take it off the bill?” The waitress looked embarrassed, apologized and explained she must have forgotten to put in the order. No problem, food was here I wasn’t bothered really.

The burger I was hoping for

The burger I was hoping for

I went to rearrange my burger. I am a lettuce and tomato sorter when it comes to sandwiches. I can’t help it I just have to make it all pretty, plus add ketchup. But as I am doing this I notice the patty looks a little Crispy. I tell myself it will be fine if the burger is still juicy. I cut the burger in half and close my eyes. Daddy O asks what’s wrong. I say that I can’t eat it, I just can’t eat it.

The patty was completely dry and shriveled, even a person liking well done meat would protest. Daddy O says it’s ok we will get a new one. I couldn’t talk. By the time the waitress came over I was in tears. I was so hungry and so beyond needing something to eat I couldn’t explain. Through huge alligator tears I said to the waitress  “I’m sorry, I am pregnant… I can’t eat this., it’s just too sad” Daddy O took over asking for a new burger cooked medium, cause I was sobbing. I suddenly found the waitress hugging me, saying she would fix it.

Seriously friends, I have never cried about food. I also have never been that hungry that I would cry over food. My non-pregnant self would have returned the burger no big deal, a little annoyed but no tears. This pregnant lady now cries over sad burgers.


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