DIY: handmade baby beanies

camo for The Boy

camo for The Boy

Now that we officially know we are having a boy I can finalize several beanies I started in boy colors. Earlier in the pregnancy I started to make them thinking if I am wrong and it is a girl I can add bright fuchsia and pinks to the trim making them girl beanies

lime green for the boy

lime green for the boy

Turns out I won’t have to do that. I can simply close the ends and be finished. For the baby beanies I don’t follow a specific pattern, when I was making them to sell I made them all “new born” sized and very similar. With these being for our Boy, who will grow, I am relaxing a bit and making them in varying sizes to last throughout  winter and spring.

I love bright colors on babies, hence the lime green and blue, but I also like the softer beige and pale blues. There of course is a camo beanie in the mix.

New Born Beanie

New Born Beanie


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