22 Weeks and First Kick Sighting

My shoes are almost gone

My shoes are almost gone

I am officially 22 weeks & 5 days pregnant and still going well. I have encountered a few more common pregnancy side effects but none to bothersome. One has been waking up at 3 am and not  being able to fall back to sleep for a few hours. Not sure if I wake up because I hear a noise or if The Boy decides it’s time to party. Once I am awake he does start moving around more.

I usually end up getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, getting a glass of  water and laying back down. Although I would love to be asleep at 3 in the morning it is pretty nice to have company and something to entertain me.

Speaking of kicking, yesterday morning was the first time I saw my belly jump in response to one of The Boys kicks. He kicked 3 times in a row and then stopped for a second then started back in. Daddy O was sitting on the bed next to me and saw my bellybutton bounce. He placed his had over my tummy. The Boy kicked, kicked and kicked. Then gave a good push.

“Did you feel those?”

“I felt something.”

Don’t you love how guys can be sometimes. I said, “I know you felt something, that was  what you were supposed to feel… SOMETHING. That is what it feels like, bumps and pushes. Little thumps. Could be kicks could be hits or just a knee.” He smiled and said again, “I felt something.”

Not quite the reaction I was hoping to have but at least he felt something right.

Getting bigger. I feel bigger than I look

Getting bigger. I feel bigger than I look

I still find it fascinating. The kicks and movements get stronger and bigger. He moves with much more force now and that is exciting. He is growing just as he should.  Sometimes he gets to rolling so much it feels like my stomach flipping on a roller coaster. Right as I begin to think I might lose my lunch he stops. Definitely feels like a carnival ride in my abdomen.

The other change… I knock my belly on doorways, chairs and counter tops. My brain has not caught up to the fact that I have a protruding object in front of me. Today I knocked over a glass of water on the counter reaching for some fruit. Yesterday I didn’t pull a chair out from the table far enough and actually tried to suck in my belly to make it fit. Needless to say I had to stand back up and start again. And last week while walking through a parking lot I thought I could make in between to parked cars mirrors. It wasn’t pretty.

The real kicker is when Daddy O gives me a hug and The Boy and Belly push into his belly. That is kind of fun. He lovingly makes fun of how “Fat “ I am so I hug him harder.


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