From The Land: Disappointment, A Set Back and Starting over

land by the riverWell our big plan to have property to move onto and start our homestead by this month fell through. The previous owner decided to go a different route. Daddy O is pretty bothered by how it all went down and I understand it. What I don’t understand is why I am not as bothered by it as he is. I had built plans and To Do Lists around this property and wanted it just as much but my anger and frustration level never hit Daddy O’s level. Maybe it is the pregnancy, making me mellow and giving me a sense that something else, something better is waiting in the wings.

And lately things like that, Something better, has been the end result in a lot of events lately. Getting out of the Army (it taking the medical board 2 yrs) with full military retiree benefits for the entire family, finding a housing program for wounded warriors, this pregnancy, moving to the country. It all has fallen into place at exactly the right time and I like to believe that our life and the next year will continue to unfold in the same manner.

So for now we go back to scouring craigslist, real estate websites and taking ourselves on tours of vacant land. The right property will pop up and it will be at the right time.


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