Baby, New House and Reconstruction

It happened. I had a baby. The girl, the woman who thought she wasn’t having any kids. Wasn’t having them cause she didn’t want them and as years went by started to think that perhaps she couldn’t have them. Well I carried one for 40 weeks and then gave birth to him, during a move to a new, to us, house. I lived in a reconstruction DIY zone while learning to breastfeed, living off 3 hours of solid sleep and wrangling 3 dogs. It has been interesting, scary, fun, exhausting and so much more than I could have imagined. And of course the best thing other than new floors has been this little man.

Born december 9th, his is 10 days old in this picture.

Born december 9th, he is 10 days old in this picture.                                      photo by: MKC photography

Skip the Mush will be getting a slight remodel over the next few days, now that I am living off of 6 hours of sleep I have a bit more energy and time to get back into writing.


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