Sick Baby and A Bedroom Update

14 weeks old and not feeling good.

14 weeks old and not feeling good.

The sweet boy has not been feeling very well. Thought perhaps it was just allergies but it is rolling into day 3 and seems more like a cold now. No fever, just a lot of clear stuff from his nose and a cough. Daddy O asked if he needs to go to the doctors. I said we could but honestly there isn’t much they can do, can’t give medicine because of his age and without a fever there is no emergency. For the most part he is a happy smiling boy. But eating and sleep are uncomfortable when you can’t breathe through your nose. When he sneezes and coughs at the same time it ends in a smile at me as I try to clean his nose and kiss his sweet face. My “mommy gut” says he is doing fine in spite of it and we will all get through this first cold just fine.

While I have been busy making sure Declan is comfortable and getting all the snuggles he needs I managed to go to the store and update our bedroom finally. We moved into the “lake house” back in November 2013 while I was 9 months pregnant. It’s a far cry from our homesteading dreams but it popped up as a great opportunity and we couldn’t pass it by. It needed a few updates, namely carpet, before we could leave the trailer and move in. Now that the carpet, wood floor and bathroom is set I had the itch to tackle our bedroom. A task that in the past I never cared about until now. We aren’t 100% finished with all the details in the bedroom but I wanted to get a head start on the easy stuff. Plus Daddy O has been wanting to bring people over to show all the work we have, he has, put into the house so far and a put together bedroom should be on that list.

new bedding and my painting

new bedding and my painting

The room is pretty large and right now contains only a bed. But the curtains, beige and tattered, were original to the house (yucky) and the wall paint was an odd shade of almond. I updated it with a light gray and soon will have black trim around the windows and baseboard, pictures of that once it is complete. The curtains are now black and blue. Four panels of fabric in front of the sliding glass doors that lead to the deck and take up half a wall. Two black panels of fabric hug two blue panels of fabric making a large blue stripe in the center. It changed the room immediately. In the past I didn’t put much effort into our room, after all it was just a place to sleep, and what effort I did put into it wasn’t full of color or contrast. This time I am using a painting I made a few years ago to inspire some of the color choices.

My next challenge for the room is furniture. Our bed frame is new, from ikea, but we have no side tables or dresser. Debating on whether to have matching (to each other) new furniture or go with random finds that I fix up. Decisions, decisions.


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