Bedtime Rituals: Reading

He felt every page.

He felt every page.

Having a daily routine has been interesting, and by interesting I actually mean, impossible. Declan has had a plan since he was born, his plan, NO plan. Actually that isn’t true, he does have a plan but it seems to change every week and during the day flexes a bit. One thing I have been trying to do that isn’t necessarily a part of his routine so much as something ritualistic for us to do as a family, reading at night.  My Mom and Dad may cringe at this statement but I don’t remember them ever sitting on the edge of my bed and reading a book before I fell asleep. Not to say it didn’t happen, I simply don’t recall it. So, I am going to read to Declan and hope that he remembers it when he is 35.

Starting the ritual has been fun. Seeing Declan react to the book, the colors and my voice at 16 weeks old is reward enough and incentive to continue doing it. Declan gets pretty invested in the event. Hands on the thick pages, pushing and hitting them. At times he seems to be concentrating so much that I can’t help to think he is absorbing every word. He rubs ever page I turn to, sliding his hand over the words on one page and the picture on the other. This particular night we read “On The Night You Were Born” and “Goodnight Moon”. Instead of reading each page in order I followed Declan’s lead and read the pages he turned to. Perhaps that will be another ritual we have within a ritual.

Declan chose the pages.

Declan chose the pages.


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