A Dirty Secret and New Baby Toys For Declan

crocheted fiber rings

crocheted fiber rings

Most people who know me, know I crochet. I have been crocheting for 14 years now and although there were a few breaks that spanned days I always come back to it. When I found out I was pregnant I made myself promise to crochet one keepsake for Declan and whatever else I made after that would be great. A few beanies and wash cloths later not much got made. Fast forward to Declan being 4 months old, and him taking an interest in toys, I pulled out my hook and yarn once again.

My mission was to make Declan some toys. About two years ago I created some puppy chew toys when our yorkie had pups. They were pretty cute and I figured they would also work as baby chew toys.

100% cotton fiber crocheted baby toys

100% cotton fiber crocheted baby toys

My dirty secret – around month 8 of my pregnancy I didn’t want to touch a ball of yarn. Crazy to admit that I went almost 6 months without holding a hook or cotton in my fingers. So to handle it after that amount of time was like a vacation for my mind. I missed it, and suddenly needed to do it daily. I was back. But now the bigger dilemma, when would I find the time to do it.

Teething toys, handmade

Teething toys, handmade

Between breastfeeding, growth spurts, naps, tummy time, general fussiness, and feeding, washing and sleeping myself I managed to squeak out a few minutes every couple of hours to create some toys. What used to take me 45 minutes total was now taking the same amount of time but spread out through the day. An entire day to make one toy. Not good production wise, but it is a start. And more importantly it is something that makes me feel good to do. I am connecting with what makes me, me, with the added bonus of making handmade toys for my son and others to play with.


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