Breastfeeding Diaries: Nipple Shield, my knight in shining armor

The last Breastfeeding Diary entry (read it here) covered the beginning of what I thought was going to be the end. I was finally diagnosed with, self diagnosed and confirmed by my midwife, candida of the milk duct. Not classic thrush. So I began taking Diflucan, an anti fungal medication. It would be a few days before the medication would start to produce results, so I would have to endure the pain a little longer.

nipple shield

nipple shield

One thing that help tremendously was this little guy. This nipple shield helped with Declan’s latch but also to deaden the sensation of him latching. What this meant was I stopped screaming every time his mouth came near my right breast. It was magical. Breastfeeding was starting to resemble all those stories of moms saying breastfeeding was a magical time. I was beginning to believe it myself.

Nipple shields, from what I read, are not good for longterm use. Basically they are meant for getting things started on the right foot and then going off of them. Theories, science, old wives tales… either way I didn’t want to mess with an already damaged breastfeeding relationship, ruin my chances of feeding my baby longterm, so I only used it for two weeks. Once the pain was down to a tolerable level Declan started nursing without help and I was proud to have made it through one more hurdle. I was breastfeeding.


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