Eczema: Trial and Error

The tale of eczema in our house is very new, two weeks new now and counting. I have never had skin issues and neither has Daddy O. So when Declan started to develop what I thought was a heat rash I was a little… well you can read about that here, but I was a little at a loss about what to do for him other than the normal heat rash remedies. Then his heat rash started to look more and more like eczema.

still perfecting my recipe and branding.

still perfecting my recipe and branding.

I got rid of all store-bought manufactured lotions and returned to using only coconut oil on him. Things seemed to calm down a bit and then I gave him a bath. I tried to keep it on the warm side instead of hot bath water, adding some coconut oil to the water. I didn’t use any soap on him, in-fact I hadn’t used soap on him ever. He was in the bath for about 10 minutes and by the time he was dry, another 5 minutes later and playing on a towel, his red patches on his stomach were back and there were additional ones, big blotches on his arms and outer thighs. They were so bright it looked like someone poured red dye on him. I put more coconut oil on him and watched. The bright red blotches on his arms and legs calmed down but his stomach remained very angry.

As I wrote about in a previous post, I made a calendula salve or body balm and started using it right away. The results were mixed. It cleared up the redness on his legs and arms but his stomach remained speckled with red bumps and dry skin. I continued to smooth my calendula balm over his entire body. And this was the result after a few days of use.

day 0 to day 4

mixed results after 4 days

He didn’t seems to have sharp red and raised bumps any more. His skin was still irritated, dry and blotchy but not nearly as angry. His legs were free of the rash but were still very dry and felt dry even with the oils from the salve sitting on it. More needed to be done but what?

Approaching one week of our heat rash and eczema journey I got physical. As in, I washed everything in the house. Stripped down his bed, cleaned every corner of his room, my bed and any surface he would come in contact with. All the dogs got groomed (hair cuts and baths) and the wood floors got steam cleaned. If he was going to have another outbreak it wouldn’t be the fault of a dusty allergen house. I washed all his clothes in a simple – borax, washing soda, dr. bonner’s soap – Laundry Detergent that I made. I stopped using dryer sheets, everything is full of static now and switched out my own body soap for Dr. Bonner’s soap.

So far nothing new has popped up on his skin, however he is still very dry and seemed to be itchy. On day 12 of eczema tummy I noticed he was itching his stomach in his sleep. This could have been because it was actually itchy OR and this is a big OR maybe it is just a thing he does. He has begun to notice texture and sound when his left hand scratches at his toys or the blanket he is playing on. I would like to hope it is just a reflex from doing that movement all day, but if it wasn’t, I felt like more needed to be done to combat the dry and more than likely itchy skin that he is still plagued with.

Several mom’s in an online group I am a part of stated that they use Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion and it has worked to get rid of the itchy dry patches on their children. After reading about 100 reviews of the lotion from blogs and amazon reviews, finding articles written by pediatric dermatologists I decided to buy a bottle. Not a cheap endeavor but if it works then I will sell a kidney if I have to for future bottles.

This brings us to the current date of 16 days with eczema. Here is a quick rundown of skin surfaces and the eczema level as well as treatment that has worked for each one.

*Face – very mild, left cheek – coconut oil

*Legs – mild, outer thigh and outer calf – calendula salve during the day cetaphil at night

*Torso – moderate, stomach chest and sides – calendula salve day 2 – 3x &  cetaphil evening and night 2 – 3x

His back, neck and arms only need morning and night Calendula Salve or coconut oil

And an added “treatment” which Declan is loving… Naked Time. He spends a couple hours every day without clothes on. I feel like he gets overheated and that makes it all seem worse. Plus I am wondering why he doesn’t have more of an issue on his hands, feet and face. I feel like his clothes must be creating an issue either with the detergent or overheating. So, we will see how the next few days go.

enjoying the air on his skin

enjoying the air on his skin


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