19 Weeks Old, A New Signal For Nap and More Toys For Baby

wooden ringsI have been trying to be busy making more toys and trying out different crocheted ring sizes. This weeks challenge is that Declan has entered 19 weeks with a bang but he manages to wrap it all up around his cute smile and lots of babbling. He has changed his nap pattern and sleep schedule. Making some shorter and others longer. Basically throwing a wrench into any plans I thought I could make around his nap times, creating more toys and writing blog posts. Todays I completely missed a cue, a brand new nap cue for over an hour, that he was tired. It consists of him “biting” my shoulder and an odd combination of humming & growling into it. It wasn’t until I felt his hand fall from my arm that I realized he fell asleep but was still making the noise. This new pattern has me running around with my head chopped off. Dishes – laundry – sweep – plan dinner – shower – open computer – oh yeah feed the dogs – oops, brush my teeth – crochet… nope he is up.

wooden ring adds a different texture and biting surface

wooden ring adds a different texture and biting surface

Right now we are into nap #3 which is 2 hours early and I am hoping to finish writing this before I hear him talking in the next room. At least he wakes up happy and ready to play. So, the new toys…


I found some wooden maple rings that have been treated and sealed with olive oil and beeswax. Crocheting two different sized rings in cotton through the wooden ring was pretty fun. Even better than making these new toys was seeing Declan play with them.





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