20 weeks old This Boy Is Almost 5 Months Old

DECLAN 20 WEEKS OLDOn Monday, his official 20 week date, Declan was struggling. It seems teeth are coming in or at least they are thinking about it and he is not comfortable. Lots of fussing and needed extra snuggles, cluster feeding and several but short naps. At one moment he fell asleep in my arms and as I moved into position to try and put him in his swing so I could do the dishes or vacuum the insane amount of construction (DIY) dust lingering on the floors, I stopped.

~ I shared this with friends and family on Facebook ~

“There are moments when the dishes pile up. The dogs are bored. The floors get dusty, laundry sits in the washer, and the bathroom well we won’t talk about the bathroom. And those moments will exist forever. This little human will never again be this small and need me this much. My house will never be perfectly clean again and I love every bit of it.#happywithimperfection #motherslove #newmomepiphany “


And with that realization I sat back down on the couch, covered his tiny face in kisses and breathed out. This tiny man with NEVER be this small. Today he is bigger than he was yesterday and everyday after this day he will be bigger. One day he will not want to snuggle, or sleep with me. One day he won’t need me to make him feel safe and happy. So because of that no housework happened yesterday. I took pictures and enjoyed every moment he gave me. Every tear, smile, giggle, squeal and growl into my shoulder, I took and loved and wanted more.


The interesting thought and slightly sad one is that with our next child, which is hopefully soon, I may not have the luxury of staring at that new baby for hours at a time. I may not have that time because there will be a toddler running around who also needs me. I can only hope that what ever time I can devote to any child I have is as quality filled as Declan is getting from me today.


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