Baby-Led Weaning: First Foods, homemade oatmeal

We have started eating solid food. And boy has it been fun. Declan from the time he was a few weeks hold has never been a fan of sitting. He preferred to stand, lay down or be held. Sitting and being held in cradle seemed to irritate him and not give him very much to look at. That was until food came into the picture. Now he loves to be in his bumbo chair or sitting on my lap if it means there is food coming his way. They learn patterns so fast.


blurry pictures cause this dude was too excited to sit still

The first food we tried was Oatmeal. I looked at manufactured, for baby, cereals and oatmeal but the ones I came across all had extra stuff in it to include wheat. With his eczema I didn’t want to add a known allergen to his diet. So I ground Old fashioned rolled oats in my food processor and then sifted it through a wire sifter to get only a fine powder to remain. Because it is raw oatmeal it needs to be cooked, microwave or stove. I found the easiest was microwave, 1 tablespoon with 3 tablespoons of water. Then I add breast milk to make it a little runny and cool it off. Oatmeal was a huge hit and created moments of baby rage because I was moving too slow.


NOTE: please consult your pediatrician before giving your baby any solid foods or changing his/her diet.


2 thoughts on “Baby-Led Weaning: First Foods, homemade oatmeal

  1. Collette - Meal Mom says:

    I make my own oatmeal cereal too! I just recently pulled out my old “magic bullet” and grind it in there for 2 minutes and it is easy clean up! And that is so funny that he has always hated sitting, but oh how the power of food can motivate!

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