6 Months Postpartum and A Big Announcement

baby has news

Six months ago, 26 weeks ago I gave birth to Declan. And it has been an interesting ride. This little boy keeps me on my toes by changing most of his daily routine DAILY. Is it because I am home with him all the time that he has no set routine? Is it my fault he is still breastfeeding every 2 hours, that he isn’t sleeping through the night? I have to say no, it isn’t anyones fault. Declan is just Declan and he is going to be original from the start. I have had to let that soak in. Reading and searching for ways to “fix” him, to correct his sleep issues… he doesn’t think he is wrong or has “issues”, he is pretty happy with it all. So reading definitions of “high needs babies” and seeing similarities only confirms that Declan is Declan. High Needs or not he is going to give us a ton of laughs, be caring, compassionate, out going, inventive and loving. He is going to cry, throw tantrums, be loud, scream, break things, be rambunctious and be awesome at it all. I will definitely continue trying to find some way to establish a routine or something that looks closest to one. I will also make sure he is happy and thriving with love and compassion coming from me and his father. “High Needs” or not, definitions and symptoms, who cares. He is Declan.

And being that Declan is Declan so is my body. Not following the mythical and sometimes true formula of breastfeeding = no period, well that is a joke. Good thing for us we wanted to have our babies close together.

Going to be a big brother announcement



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