Baby-led Weaning: Bananas Are Amazing!

A couple of weeks ago we gave bananas a try. It was a fun experience to say the least. I cut a large banana in half, leaving the skin on I sat it on the tray and got Declan in his seat. He didn’t even give me time to buckle him in he was already all over the banana. It was a happy accident to leave the skin on, he was able to grip the banana with both hands and then started sucking on the open end. The really fun part came when he took a big toothless bite out of it. The banana squished and a piece popped out. This of course had me a little nervous, I wanted to get the piece away from him so he wouldn’t choke on it. But I held back and reminded myself that he knows exactly what to do.


The chunk went in his mouth and then came out and went back in again. The entire time Declan was laughing, smiling and babbling about it. Once the peel came off the show really got started. Banana slipped everywhere, his mouth stayed open wide and soon enough banana was gone.


The only draw back that followed this magical banana event was constipation. He had only just started solid foods and going from breastfeeding poops to solid food poops that left him pushing and pushing was new. He would push and then cry or look at us in a questioning way. The remedy was prune and peach puree. I did learn that overly ripe bananas are not a problem. So waiting until the banana skin is almost all black was the trick.


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