Taking The Plunge and Selling On Instagram

I am a creator, a maker, a crafter, an artist. When I am not chasing Declan around, cooking, cleaning or finally getting a shower of my own, I am in my space creating. Sometimes my energy and inspiration comes in a flood of ideas and other times it is a slow boil that finally comes to the surface in a great idea. While I love to crochet, it is my form of mediation, I have discovered a new love. A faster love… sewing. And with that the ideas came flooding in. I would love to say that they are original ideas but teething necklaces and nursing necklaces have been around for years. What is unique about mine, maybe the number of wooden beads I use, the sewing technique I add, the fabric choices and patterns and the finish detail with the ribbon ties. None-the-less I am in a frenzy of creation and my soul is singing.

INSTA STM fabric

So, I finally took the plunge and created a separate Instagram account just for the Skip The Mush Shop. Why a separate account from my personal one? My personal Instagram has many followers for different reasons, some follow because of Declan, the army wife connection or because of the dogs and I didn’t want to alienate anyone by posting nothing but necklaces and baby things. Plus having the two accounts allows me to be creative and versatile on one and focused on the shop in the other. Hopefully I am able to balance both.

I plan on having Instagram Sales weekly or bi-weekly which will include the teething necklaces as well as teething toys that I have crocheted. Here are a few of the necklaces I have created so far.

INSTA black & white polkadot INSTA STM BROWN GARDEN INSTA STM RED POLKADOTIf you have ever worn a necklace and held a baby you know that the first thing to happen will be your necklace in baby’s mouth within a blink of an eye. These necklaces are meant to be worn by mom and then baby can play with or chew on it without hurting themselves or the jewelry. They make excellent focal points for the curious nursing baby who has started to be distracted by the world around them. But they can also be a wonderful statement piece of jewelry for when baby is not on your side. Hope to see you on Instagram.


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