Skip The Mush Shop Products

A quick update on a few items selling on Instagram. The first items are Teething Toys. They are made of 100% cotton and crocheted so that there is no visible seam. Big plush loops that little hands like to hold and squish, and tiny mouths like to chew on. They are all machine washable, even the ones with wooden rings. I would suggest washing them in a mesh lingerie bag though and then allowing them to air dry.

teething toy 2 wood rings

3 crocheted rings

teething toys with wood ringsDeclan who just turned 8 months old this past week has been teething. He is working on his first tooth maybe two and it had been hard on him. He is tired, hungry and hurting. Nothing seems to make him happy for long and sleeping has to start on my chest and then if all goes well he will nap in his bed. So when he finally does I am able to get a few more Nursing/teething necklaces completed. I really enjoying being able to switch back and forth from crocheting to sewing and feel the same satisfaction from both. Through my sleep deprived eyes they look amazing, the fabric choices are working great, forming new patterns and interesting details. The necklaces are also machine washable, again I would wash them in a lingerie bag and then allow to air dry.

teething nursing necklaces


I am hoping to build up enough stock so I can open an online shop with all ready made items. I am also still playing with the idea of opening an Etsy shop. I had one in the past simply called my first name Tehlia. I liked selling on Etsy and was fairly successful, but success takes time. You have to have time to build up the momentum needed for that site and honestly the belly is only going to get bigger and my 8 month old is going to start walking before I know it. Will I have time to manage an etsy shop? Perhaps with time and finding a steady routine it could work. Who knows what the future holds for the shop, one day at a time, one tooth at a time is how we are running this ship this week.


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