8 Months Old and Big Changes

Declan turned 8 months old this month and things have changed quite a bit over the past 4 weeks. He has grown, gained weight and is starting to look like a little boy and not so much like a tiny baby. I miss that little tiny 7 pound baby but man is this 20 pound boy a ton of fun. The biggest thing the most fun thing is how much he is learning. Everyday it is something new. We are teaching him and he is teaching us. So amazing to watch. A few nights back during bath time, which he loves, he was sitting up splashing the water and grabbing toys when something caught his eye. He dropped the toys and smiled with a little giggle then placed both his hands on his belly. He got very quiet as he slid his hands over his belly and dug a finger into his belly button. I said “that’s your belly.” He looked up at me, smiled and then grabbed it again and squeezed.

He found his belly

Watching his expression, the concentration and information download that was occurring was so completely awesome to witness. He just discovered himself. Things that make him, him. He saw his hands touching something on his body and then realized that he could feel his hands. Feel them move. So neat.

The other big thing is he has started sleeping through the night without wanting a feeding. He sometimes stirs a little and needs some comfort, especially last week when it seemed he was teething pretty bad. But for the most part he sleeps a solid 9 hours. The first night, of course, I still woke up and checked on him. But now 8 nights later I am also sleeping through the night and only waking if his monitor picks him up squirming around in his bed. I am trying to enjoy every sleep filled night while I can. I am sure once teething starts to kick in for real which will probably happen soon I will be in for some all-nighters.


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