New Items In The Shop and Thinking Ahead to Etsy

Last week I continued on with making Nursing Necklaces. They are turning out beautiful with all the colors and patterns working so well. I have them posted on Instagram ready to be purchased and shipped. The newest items to be included in the Shop are headbands. Headbands for adults as well as baby.

Owl infant headband

And finally the next bit of news. An Etsy shop. I have decided to start an etsy shop for Skip The Mush. Now it is still in the works, getting banners and proper Etsy worthy photos taken so I don’t have anything to show you right now. Having had an etsy shop in the past and knowing the amount of involvement and work needed to make it successful I am approaching it with caution. Caution being that I won’t be able to take on custom requests because I am raising my son, providing a warm home for my husband and growing a baby as we speak. So the etsy shop will only have ready-made items. Which means I need to get cracking on building my supply back up. If you are on Instagram and are interested in getting a free nursing necklace go to my Instagram profile follow the account and then share the featured image for a chance to win a necklace in two weeks.

mini mouse red and white headband1

peacock gray and bright headband

black and white polka dot headband



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