The Excitement Is Growing and So Is My Belly

We recently found out that the bouncing bubble affectionately called “It” and “baby” is officially a girl. My husband had been hoping he would create a house full of boys but this time, this one, it is a girl and although it’s not the boy he was initially betting on he is pretty excited about her. Talking to her daily and mentioning all the things they are going to do together with Declan. It’s pretty awesome how whether it is a boy or a girl Daddy O has the same plans.

This pregnancy has been very familiar, compared to my first. I am 21 weeks along and feeling pretty good. Not a lot of symptoms at first. Mild nausea and ligament stretching pain but really it has been fairly easy. And similar to last time it wasn’t 100% real until I saw that tiny face and put a name to it. The name of this little girl will remain a secret for a while. And because it feels more real, in my mind and with all the bouncing she is doing, Declan and I bought her some clothes.

Brother picking out sister's clothes

With Declan’s clothes, as he out grows them, I pack them away. One bin being filled with neutral clothes and the second bin filled with all boy clothes. So I have a good start for her but wanted a few things that said, yes I am a baby girl.


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