Teething. Frozen Foods To The Rescue

Declan seemed to show all the signs of teething around 5 months old. He was a drooling crying grumpy mess. And the only thing that made him somewhat happy were frozen bananas. Then just before he turned 6 months old I got him an Amber Teething Necklace. Either it was coincidence or the necklace actually work, and his symptoms started to ease up. He wasn’t drooling as much and was not as grumpy during the day.

love the mesh feeder

love the mesh feeder

Now at 9 months and still no teeth in sight but even more teething symptoms, we have discovered an array of frozen and cold treats. From refrigerated apple slices to frozen watermelon he is loving it all. At 7 months he was all about getting as much of it into and onto his gums as possible so the mesh feeder helped with that.

berry face

Frozen berries were a hit

Now he is able to pinch individual pieces and experience the food for the flavor texture as well as the frozen aspect. He gets to eat and be comforted at the same time. This 9th month has been so much fun to witness. From eating more foods and enjoying Curry with all its spices, roast carrots and potatoes with the house standard of “a shit ton” of garlic, he is pretty impressive. Now we move onto walking.


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