Quality control. Drool Bibs aka “bibdanas” Are On Hold

I pride myself on quality. I like to work fast and furious. I get an idea I run with it. But there is one thing that will stop me in my tracks. Poor Quality. A few months ago I ordered labels for all the fabric baby items I create and sell. They were perfect. Cute. Small. Simple. I was so excited to place the drool bibs on my newborn daughter. I treated them like I would anything else I buy (ignoring my own care instructions) and washed them with her clothes, then air-dried them. Well my sewing was great, the fabric prints held up perfectly. The labels, I cried. I got mad and then I stopped.

Label FAIL

Label FAIL

Label before it got washed

Label before it got washed

I stopped making the bibdanas because I couldn’t use the labels. You never hear anyone say, “the bibs were cute but the label maker sucked.” It’s more like “her bibs are cute but her labels fell apart.” And that I can not have.

The search for new labels has turned me into a question asking crazy with shops on Etsy. So far one shop has been extremely patient and kind to me and all I ask. So hopefully in a week or two I will have new labels and Drool Bibs will be hitting the store.


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