New Labels Have Finally Arrived

I have been holding off on creating more bibdanas because of a label fail. You can read about that here. But new labels finally arrived. I found a great maker on Etsy who worked hard at understanding what I was wanting. Although, the drool bib creating can get back in action, I have been playing with more blanket ideas and got really excited when I added in the new tags.

skip the mush labels have arrived

skip the mush labels have arrived

The labels are all cotton and so so soft. And the best part, Keavy did what babies do best and gummed the label. With full approval from the ultimate product tester I have, I can comfortably say we have a label winner. No Fraying, they withstood multiple washings and baby drool. product testing This coming week I plan on adding the labels to even more items. Fitted Crib sheets are in the works, more baby blankets and baby leggings are also on the planning table. Check back for shop updates often.


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